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Exalted as the “healthiest place on earth” by it’s 100+ members, the mighty Manifest University offers a one of a kind education and close knit community experience rooted in divine alignment. Founded by The Manifest Mentor, Brian Hyppolite in 2020, what started as a virtual meeting place for individuals taking Hyppolite’s Manifesting You Course, quickly grew into a sanctuary for like minded energies embarking on the safari of self mastery. MU is a place of healing to wholeness, elevation and execution! Some show up for family style connections and bonding, others come for motivation, information and/or economic empowerment. Everyone is fed! MU has been a launchpad and midwife for entrepreneurs and divine purpose seekers, already birthing a multitude of new businesses and products from within the community in its first year. MU will create 100 new millionaires by the end of 2025. 

Daily zoom calls and weekly classes are led by The Manifest Mentor and his powerful supportive cast of life coaches and teachers. The community also offers men and women healing/accountability circles that meet weekly. Everything you need to identify, unlock and unleash your divinity is here! MU is the place black sheep turn into wolves. MU is where pain becomes power and fuels passions with purpose. MU is a graveyard for generational curses and a nursery of generational wealth. 


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